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Axe Throwing Things To Know Before You Go

  • Pro or beginner, don't sweat It! We teach you how with your own throwing instructor to get you started or maybe just stand back in awe!

  • All ages are welcome.  If you are under 18, you need a parent or guardian but they will have fun too don't worry.

  • Have casual fun with your friends or fiery competition against your fellow throwers (if you don't have any friends).

  • You can't run with scissors, but you can throw axes, saw blades and knives!

  • If you're not sure how to have fun, then relax with snacks and drinks and maybe an adult beverage if you brought your ID.

  • We take safety seriously, so expect to sign a waiver and follow posted rules. 

  • Be kind to your feet.  Don't wear open toed shoes.  Sorry you have to hide that new peddy but that new manny will be rockin' in your Insta feed holding that axe!

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